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GliderCG is a precision equipment that has been carefully manufactured, assembled and calibrated before it reaches your hands.

All mechanical parts have been manufactured in PLA through a 3D printing process.


The condition for Static Equilibrium of the model plane, that is, it is not rotating, imposes the model weight is splitted in two reaction forces p1 and p2 applied in the supports A and B respectively, such as their resultant force passes thru the Center of Gravity of the model.

The position of the CoG is calculated by solving the equations: Axp1 = bxp2
A + b = K constant
K is known for the manufacture of the scale.

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The calibration of the distances between the different points of support have been verified with a digital caliber to the hundredth of a millimeter.

Power supply: 9v DC, 6LR61.
Approximate consumption: 60mAh.
Maximum permissible weight 5Kg. Recommended maximum weight 4Kg.

Maximum fuselage size allowed: 54mm Width x 69mm Height

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Use GliderCG at your own risk.
GliderCG is not responsible for any problems arising from the use of this device.