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Based on the original development of Olav Kalhovd, GliderCG is a CoG digital balance device for F5j, F3F, F3J and F3K sailplanes able to provide the exact information of where the CoG is located in our glider by through a screen that also provides information of the sailplane ́s total weight.

Simply place the glider above and know your CG, without having to make balances or mark the wings for supporting them in precarious structures.

Once the glider is placed in the device, we can vary the center of gravity by moving the battery for example and GliderCG will automatically inform you of the new center of gravity.  Easy and simple.

We have currently developed 3 different models to meet the specific needs of each discipline: F5J / F3J / F3F, F5G and Big Gliders and the latest F3K models



For more information about price and availability, you can contact us through the following address: