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GliderThrow digital Angle/Throw meter and … Differentials!


This small device can measure the deflections in degrees / millimeters with a resolution of 0.1 degrees and can measure the differential when working together with a second unit since GliderThrow is a system that comprises two sensors, one for each wing or surface of your airplane.

Using a dual system very much simplifies the throw setting of your model by having a direct view of both control surfaces at the same time.

GliderThrow has been initially conceived for setting the aileron and flap throws of a model glider but you will find that it can be used on most every airplane and for a variety of applications as Measuring a dihedral angle of a wing, Measuring Model Airplane Incidence angle , etc.


The data can be viewed through any web browser on a smartphone, Android or iOS, PC or MAC.

We hope that this device will make your model airplanes setup much easier and repeatable for long and enjoyable flying seasons.





Se the how to operate video: